Friday, June 8, 2012

Hello Summer!

There has been alot going on around our house.  My middle son graduated in May, my oldest decided to stay at college this summer and take a class.  He also was able to get a student research position.  My youngest is preparing for dual-enrollment this fall.  So, our school adventures have been plenty! 

We are now in full summer mode!  We are planning on visiting several of our state parks and exploring everything they have to offer.  The state parks are such a wonderful bang for your buck.  They offer so many events, hiking trails, swimming beaches, camping, and picnic areas.  I love the fact that when we camp we spend alot of concentrated time together as a family.  We normally bring along board games, books, and of course great snacks :-)  

We are also looking forward to visits with relatives and good friends.  Just hanging out and having fun together. 

There is also lots of church activities going on.  The boys have already participated in an area wide work camp in which they painted houses, cleaned yards, and did about anything that needed to be done. The participants spent the night at the church and headed out each morning to work on making someone else's house a little nicer.  Our VBS is coming up and the boys will be working in that effort also. 

Summer is such a great time to relax a little, enjoy great times together, and refresh ourselves.  Hello Summer!!!

Have a super great weekend,