Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan, over at for hosting this weekly event. Please be sure to check out all the wonderful Outdoor Wednesday pictures! On our recent July 4th road trip, we went to The Outer Banks, North Carolina. We had an absolute blast! The weather was great and the waves were awesome!
The sand dunes along the way were just beautiful.

We stopped for some fun in the water at Nags Head Beach. As the day wore on, the beach became very crowded. But, hey, it was July 4th!!

We had a great time and saw some beautiful scenery. We would love to go back and stay a little longer!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I am showing part II of our July 4th family road trip. Thanks to Susan over at for hosting this weekly event. Be sure to check out all the participants beautiful pictures! In case you didn't see part I of this post, our family took a whirlwind road trip through many places in the great state of North Carolina. What a trip!! The next few pictures are from a wildlife refuge that we stopped at. It was early morning and everything was so calm. It was extremely peaceful! This was not too far east of Rocky Mount.

I just thought this was a really creative way to let everyone know the locations of the churches in town. This was in the town of Canton, NC.

We also went to Mount Airy, NC. Below is a replica of Floyd's Barber Shop.

I believe this is Pilot Mountain. What an unusual formation! We saw it from the interstate and it was interesting.

Next week, I will post more pictures from our whirlwind road trip. It was an absolutely wonderful trip. The boys had a blast and we all enjoyed the time together experiencing God's beautiful creation.
Have a super Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Good Wednesday morning! I am linking up to Susan's weekly Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to visit her over at to see all of the beautiful outdoor pictures! Our family decided to take a road trip for the July 4th weekend. We had an absolute blast! We traveled quite a ways and saw some beautiful scenery. We were also able to experience a few places that we had not been before. I hope to share pictures of these places over the next few Outdoor Wednesday posts.
Today, I will show some pictures from a rest stop in North Carolina. This rest stop had some amazing landscaping which was set off by the gorgeous mountains. What a refreshing stop! I loved this little bridge area. It was a great area to stretch your legs.

My crew!

This stop was just what a rest stop should be, refreshing and relaxing!
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan over at for hosting this weekly event. We recently went on a field trip to the IMAX in Chattanooga. While we were there we walked around the Tennessee Aquarium to enjoy the view of the river. This first picture;however, is from my backyard. I just love seeing this every year. It is in a section at the back of our yard that needs some work. To see it's beauty among the work that needs to be done is just amazing!
Okay, on to Chattanooga! After we left the IMAX we ate lunch at Rembrandt's, which is in the art district. I couldn't help but get tickled at this little one trying so hard to take that big piece of bread! Rembrandt's is a great little place to stop in for a snack or a meal. Since the weather was so nice, we decided to sit outside and eat. It was very relaxing!

This is a wading pool at the end of some steps beside the aquarium. Behind this pool, is the river. This area recently underwent renovations to commemorate the history of the Cherokee people that were in this area.

This plaque tells of a Cherokee game called stickball. The history of this game was very interesting. The game would be similar to baseball, but played over a much larger area. The game also could result in injury or even death.

The Tennessee River.

This is a lovely area to enjoy the outdoors. There were people eating lunch, reading, and just plain enjoying the day.

These are the steps that lead to the wading pool. Along the wall are some of the Cherokee symbols. During the summer there are always children playing in the water along the steps. It is a great place to rest a moment if you are visiting places downtown.

We had a great day in Chattanooga. We saw the IMAX Hubble 3D movie. It was a very interesting movie.
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan over at for hosting this weekly event. Today, I would like to show some pictures from our recent field trip. We visited The Tunnel Hill Heritage Center in Tunnel Hill, Georgia to see the historic Western and Atlantic Railroad tunnel. This railroad was extremely important during the Civil War. There is a house on the property, The Clisby Austin house, where General Sherman took up residence on his march to the sea. While we were there, we visited the museum and found some very interesting displays about the area. Tunnel Hill is right outside of Dalton, Georgia. Dalton is known as "The Carpet Capital of the World".
This display about Key's Battery tells how they struggled to live through the elements and fight on.

There are displays of various Singer machines that were used in manufacturing bedspreads and other chenille products, which led to Dalton's designation as the carpet capital.

There were also displays of bedspreads that used to be on the roadside of Highway 41, which came to be known as "Peacock Alley".

This covered bridge leads to the railroad tunnel.

The Clisby Austin House- Right now the house is a private residence;however, it will soon be turned over to the historical society and available for touring.

This railroad was built to connect the Port of Augusta to the Tennessee River Valley. The construction began in 1848 and was dug through the base of Chetoogeta Mountain. The first Western and Atlantic train passed through the tunnel on May 9, 1850. The tunnel was the site of several historical events during the Civil War.

Due to larger train cars getting stuck in the tunnel, a new tunnel was built parallel to this tunnel, thus ending the use of this tunnel in 1928. The tunnel was facing possible destruction from seventy years of neglect, until in 1992 measures were taken to preserve it.

We enjoyed our field trip here and hope to come back in September for the battle reenactment.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan over at www.asoutherndaydreamer for hosting this weekly event. Today, I would like to show some pictures of our recent trip to Point Park on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. We are doing an in-depth study of the Civil War and this was a wonderful spot to visit. This is a view which overlooks Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The name of the battle that took place on Lookout Mountain is The Battle Above The Clouds.

This is the top of the New York Monument.

The New York Monument.

This sign read something to the effect of "Be careful of the edge." We thought this was funny because of where it is placed and how close you would have to be to read it very well. Also, we starting wondering who had the wonderful job of placing the sign where it is????

Inside Point Park.

The entrance to Point Park.

We had a wonderful visit to Point Park. After exploring the park, we went inside a gift shop across from the park which had some really interesting Civil War items. Also, before we went into Point Park, we ate at a little lunch place called Guthrie's, which was delicious!
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