Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday

Welcome to another Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan over at www.asoutherndaydreamer for hosting this weekly event. Today, I would like to show some pictures of our recent trip to Point Park on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. We are doing an in-depth study of the Civil War and this was a wonderful spot to visit. This is a view which overlooks Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The name of the battle that took place on Lookout Mountain is The Battle Above The Clouds.

This is the top of the New York Monument.

The New York Monument.

This sign read something to the effect of "Be careful of the edge." We thought this was funny because of where it is placed and how close you would have to be to read it very well. Also, we starting wondering who had the wonderful job of placing the sign where it is????

Inside Point Park.

The entrance to Point Park.

We had a wonderful visit to Point Park. After exploring the park, we went inside a gift shop across from the park which had some really interesting Civil War items. Also, before we went into Point Park, we ate at a little lunch place called Guthrie's, which was delicious!
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Happy Wednesday!


Pam said...

I love to go to Point Park. It's so peaceful and relaxing. Especially if I can keep the kids from trying to push each other off. :)

NanaNay said...

I have been here many times. I love the view from the top of the mtn.

My daughter lives at the foot of the mtn in St. Elmo. When I take granddaughter home she sees the mtn and says "there's my mountain".