Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Beautiful Autumn Day!

We went on our annual visit to Burt's Pumpkin Farm in Dawsonville, Ga. We had a great time picking the perfect pumpkin. We usually get a large one for the front porch and then a few smaller ones for inside. I did pick up 3 pie pumpkins to start on some pumpkin pies! Burt's is located in such a beautiful area in the mountains. The trees are starting to change colors, but they are not quite in full color change yet. After Burt's, we went to Ellijay for apples. This is just a great time of year. We stopped at a new place this year, Hillcrest Orchards. The smell of all the baked goodies was wonderful. Our final stop was for a late afternoon picnic at Fort Mountain. After our picnic we hiked to the overlook, which has absolutely gorgeous views. We went to the fort, for which the mountain is named. They are not quite sure how the fort came to be. There are varying opinions. One interesting fact is that there is a heart shaped stone on one side of the fort for which there is also lots of speculation on. This is really a beautiful Georgia State Park. It was a very full day. We will be doing our Bible study shortly and then gear down for bed. What a great start to the week!


Elise said...

Hey Kim,
I just saw your comment on Ruthann's blog and had to come say hey!! We visited Hillcrest Orchards this fall, also, and I homeschool!!
Come visit my blog sometime...

Anonymous said...

Hello Kim,
Love your blog! Burt's is a favorite fall trip for us. Love it. We have been going since Jonathan was a little guy ~ have his pic next to one of those HUGE pumpkins. Your guys are so handsome.