Friday, November 20, 2009

Giving Back

A couple of weeks ago, our chapter of The National Homeschool Honor Society, participated in a service project. The local LifeCare Center was having a carnival to raise money for Operation Christmas Shoebox. We were to help set up for the carnival, then help to run some of the booths. We had a great turn out! There was much to be done before the carnival and the students jumped right in and did their jobs. As you can see from the picture below, Chic-fil-A was there and working hard!This was the "morning crew", ready to begin work.
The boys cleaning the grill and getting food ready for the concession stand.

Ready for customers!

If you cook it, they will come!!

It was a great day of volunteer work. These students helped out and had a great time also. It reminded me that I need to always be instilling in my boys that giving back spirit by giving back myself. Sometime it is easy to get caught up in "everyday life" and forget that we are to give back to our communities, our churches, and our country. So, this weekend we are making a list of ways that we want to give back this Christmas season. We have come up with two that we are very excited about. We are collecting items for our local animal shelter and we are collecting food for our local Ronald McDonald House. Last year, we volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House and enjoyed it thoroughly! We cleaned the house so the residents didn't have to that day. What a great work the Ronald McDonald House performs! We hope to be able to do that again.
Have a super Friday and remember to Give Back!

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