Saturday, December 5, 2009

Service Project & First Snow of The Season

We participated in a service project this morning with members of our Honor Society. This project was connected with Prison Ministries. The group got the name of a child of an inmate. They went this morning and bought Christmas presents, then wrapped the presents and finished up with a Christmas party. It was great seeing them pick out presents for this child. The Christmas party was so much fun! They wrapped the presents, ate some pizza and other goodies, then enjoyed a really fun Christmas game.
They even let us moms get in on the game. We divided up into three teams, boys, girls, and moms. It was a Christmas trivia type of game and I have to say, some of the questions were quite hard. The boys ended up winning, with the girls coming in at a close second. Sadly, the moms ended up in last place. We will be ready for them next year though:)

A very exciting thing happened this morning here in the South. We had our first snow of the season!!! Well, most of you who regularly get snow would probably laugh at this snow, but down here we will take what we can get. We were so excited this morning to look out and see a white lawn. I'm glad we got out in it early, because by afternoon, there was no trace of snow left. Now, we are anxiously awaiting the next snow event!!

I'm off to watch some great college games today!! Enjoy a super Saturday!!


Pam said...

That does looks like a fun time, but you weren't supposed to say the moms came in last. First all the way, KIm!

Sue said...

It would seem that the south is getting more snow than the north! We have yet to get ours here in Michigan, though our brother-in-law in El Paso, Texas got his snow too! Weird
Have a wonderful Christmas!