Saturday, January 31, 2009

This has been a wonderful weekend! Mike and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on Friday. All of us, Mike, myself, and the boys, went out to eat at TGI Fridays. We had a great meal ( I had a coupon which made it even better) ! After dinner we went back home and watched Wall-E while eating ice cream. It was a very nice and relaxing anniversary.

Today we made cookies for our new neighbors. We also went to the walking track. It was a nice day to be outside. The sun was out and it wasn't too cold. I had to go pick up a baby gift for a shower after church tomorrow. We are having a church dinner, then having the baby shower. It is the first baby for this couple. Tomorrow evening we are having a family from church come over for a Super Bowl party. Between the two of us I think we will have plenty of kids and food for a nice gathering.

I am participating in a project that my cousin over at mentioned. It is Project 365. I think it is wonderful. The challenge is to take a picture everyday of the year to capture the everyday moments of life. You can read more about it on her blog. Now, my challenge is to learn more about putting pictures on my blog. Still learning here!!!!

Have a great Saturday!


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laundrydaze said...

Great photos Kim. Sounds like you and Mike had a great anniversary. LOL about the coupons. Coupons and gift cards are the only way we can eat out without breaking the bank.