Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

It's Outdoor Wednesday time! Thanks to our host, Susan, over at www.asoutherndaydreamer . Our family went to visit the New Echota Cherokee Capital. This site is one of Georgia's state historic sites. In 1819 the Cherokee council began holding their annual council meetings at New Town. The Council, on November 12, 1825, adopted a resolution renaming New Town, New Echota and making it the Cherokee Nation's Capital. Annual council meetings were held in October,during which time several hundred Cherokees came into town.

New Echota had approximately 50 residents. There was also a Supreme Court Building, Cherokee Phoenix Print Shop, The Cherokee Council House and several private homes, stores, a ferry, and a nearby mission station.

Today's pictures are part one of our visit. Some are outdoor pictures, while some are pictures of the inside of the buildings. This was a fascinating place to visit. It is larger than what it seems from the road, and it holds a wonderful historic story.

This is a picture of the inside of the print shop. I was amazed to learn that The Cherokee Capital had its own newspaper, The Cherokee Phoenix. The newspaper was not only circulated throughout the Cherokee Nation, but also parts of the United States and Europe. The printing shop also printed pages of other publications, such as hymns, the Bible, and a novel.

The inside of the print shop.

The outside of the print shop.

Most Cherokees, according to the 1835 Cherokee census, lived in small cabins on farms. These farms also included common outbuildings such as corncribs, smokehouses, potato houses, and barns.

Vegetable gardens surrounded the farmstead buildings. There were also fruit trees and cornfields.

The next two pictures are of a middle-class Cherokee farmstead. The building was constructed in the early-mid 1800's. They were moved to this location to represent how the New Echota residents lived.

I hope you enjoyed part I of our visit to New Echota. Be sure to check out all the participants in Outdoor Wednesday. Have a super Wednesday!


Pam said...

New Echota is such an interesting place to visit. We loved our trip. Next, if we ever make it, we plan to visit the Etowah Indian Mounds.

Mary said...

Thank you so much for the photos and the tour. This sounds like a fascinating place to visit.

mybarefo said...

That does look like a great place. Would you believe my kids all have Cherokee in them from their dad's side. You wouldn't tell with the blond hair and blue eyes! I have their Cherokee Nation cards and roll numbers for proof...since they are so "white".LOL!