Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Thanks to Susan over at www.asoutherndaydreamer for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to check out all the posts! This week I want to post pictures of our weekend at Georgia Tech. The college hosted Family Weekend, which was an absolute blast! It was a great time to spend with our son and a wonderful time to get to know the college even better. On Friday there were lectures and presentations that you could attend. We ended up just getting checked in and then spending some fun time as a family. We went bowling on campus, then ate in the student center. Our hotel had an indoor pool, so we ended the night swimming. On Saturday, the tailgating party started at 9:30 with the ballgame beginning at 12:00. The weather was very humid with rain coming in with about 4 minutes left in the ballgame. We got soaked, but it was alot of fun. We ate dinner together, then went to dry out! On Sunday, we went to church together, ate a great lunch, then headed back home. It was such a wonderful time! I appreciate all the planning and hard work that different people put into making it all happen.
On our way to the college on Friday, we stopped at Red Top Mountain State Park for a picnic. As you may know, our area has recently had much flooding. Well, here is where some of the picnic tables still were on Friday! Even though the park still had alot of tables in water, we were able to have our picnic in this beautiful park.

The next few pictures are of game day. I thought this blow up of "Buzz" was interesting!

I just love hearing the band. They did the best formations! This one is of Tech Tower with the bottom part spelling out "Tech". How neat!

This is the Atlanta skyline just as the rain was moving in around us, then eventually soaking us ( even though we had raincoats and rain ponchos!).

I hope you enjoyed seeing our "Family Weekend" pictures. We so much enjoyed the Atlanta area. Have a super Wednesday!


Sue said...

It really looks like you had a wonderful time! How great to be able to spend the weekend with your son in college.
I have heard of the flooding in your area. Wow! It looks a lot like we did earlier this year:/ We stood in water for four months!
Hope you dry up a little soon.
Have a blessed day today!

Kammy said...

Looks like you had a blast ! Time flys as they grow !

Ms. Bake-it said...

Looks like you had a great time. An attorney I worked with a few years ago is a Georgia Tech Alumni and his office was filled with memorabilia. I thought of him instantly when I saw your post and remembered when I would torment him by replacing some of his stuff with FSU memorabilia.

Thanks for sharing!

~ Tracy

Becky K. said...

Family filled weekends are the best!
Looks like you enjoyed it...

Have a happy rest of the week.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane