Thursday, October 22, 2009

Field Trips

Yesterday we went to the Shakespeare Tavern in Atlanta, Georgia to see Macbeth. I love this place! The actors just make Shakespeare come alive. They are awesome. They give school matinees, which is nice to curb the cost. Also, during the matinees, you can bring lunches in to eat during intermission. This was well worth the drive. I hope to be able to take the boys to another play in the spring. "A Christmas Carol" will be performed this December. I would love to see that one. I would imagine that they would put on an outstanding performance!

We have been able to have some really great field trips this school year. The information that we receive at these places is wonderful. I appreciate how everyone at the places we have visited put so much passion into what they are doing.

We are enjoying the days of autumn here. The weather has been absolutely amazing this week. Watching the leaves change is always a fun event. We are near a state park that is having hayrides all through October. We hope to be able to take part in one of those. I would imagine that you could see some awesome leaves during this hayride!

This month has been full of birthdays in our family. My dad celebrated his birthday earlier in the month, and just this week we celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday. My youngest son will be celebrating his 15th birthday this weekend. What a wonderful month!

Have a super Thursday and enjoy autumn!


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Pam said...

Happy Birthday to everyone! Which State park is having hayrides this year? It sounds like fun.

I think I am the only one not enjoying the cooler weather. It messes up my sinuses. : (

I would love to go to the Shakespeare theater. I think A. would enjoy seeing a live play performed. We have been reading Shakespeare all year.