Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

It's Outdoor Wednesday time again! Thanks to Susan over at www.asoutherndaydreamer for hosting this weekly event. I just love this time of year in the North Georgia mountains. The leaves put on a spectacular show for everyone to take in. The first of October we take our annual trip to Dawsonville, Georgia to pick out some great looking pumpkins at Burt's Pumpkin Farm. After choosing just the right pumpkin, we head over to Amicalola Falls State Park. This park is stunning! Also, if you are in the Georgia Canyon Climber's club, this park has one of the trails that you are supposed to finish. It is a tough trek to the top of the falls, but so well worth it.
Below, are some pictures of the pumpkin farm and a picture of the falls at the park. I hope you enjoy them!

Enjoy your autumn traditions and be sure to visit all the posts for Outdoor Wednesday!


Denise said...

I used to take my little girl to pumpkin patches every year when she was little and we lived on the east coast, for some reason I don't do it here in TX - my a/c is still on :-/
Loved your photos.

Sweet Tomato said...

Autumn in Georgia looks very nice!

Cass @ That Old House said...

Wow -- now that is a whole mess of pumpkins to choose from! Fab pics -- Fall in Georgia looks spectacular!

She Was Old Fashioned said...

Hi Kim, What lovely photos of the pumpkin patch and kids. I love Fall!
You don't have your open ID enabled so I can leave a direct link so will leave it in the post for you. Or you can scroll down when you get to my site to see ODW. Bye for now!