Thursday, April 2, 2009

We went on a field trip with our homeschool group to the Gordon-Lee House in Chickamauga, Georgia. This house was taken during the battle at Chickamauga to be used as the Union hospital. After the battle, several Union soldiers who could not be moved were left to be taken prisoners. The Confederate army had to wait for these soldiers to get well enough to move on. After they moved on, the house was taken back by the owners.
This is the smoke house.

This cabin was where the owners originally lived while the house was being built. As people were smaller during that time, the roof and the ceiling inside are much lower. I believe our guide told us that women were on average around 4'9" with men not much taller than that.

They have restored the house using all period pieces. We did not get to see the kitchen, as they are doing repairs. I want to return at Christmas for the celebrations. They use the fireplace during that time and have tours with hot cider and cookies.
We had a great day with the sun shining. Our guide was very interesting with little side stories that made the house just come alive!
Have a wonderful Thursday!


Sue said...

I just love those kinds of field trips! Thanks for sharing. History is my favorite subject and so I love things all historical.
Have a great weekend!

laundrydaze said...

Very interesting! I never knew the story behind the house. Love how your tall boys "tower" over the house. Maybe we could meet for one of the Christmas tours. I would love to see the house.

Pam said...

I love visiting the Gordon Lee house. It's so pretty.
I think the city has finally raised enough money to purchase it too.
Then it is supposed to be a museum, I think.