Friday, April 17, 2009

Wow! What a week this has been! Monday morning we awoke to a tree down in the backyard. We had experienced very high winds Sunday night. Several people had trees down, a few schools were closed due to power outages, and some roads were closed because of fallen trees blocking the road. Also, my mom was admitted to the hospital early Monday morning due to a mild stroke. She is now home and doing much better. The whole week just had a "different" twist to it. However, on Friday, my oldest son, who does dual-enrollment classes, received an academic honor. Clint is a high school senior. He takes a couple of classes at a local college for high school and college credit. The college had awards day today and Clint won the Calculus II award from the Mathematics Department. We were so proud of him for his hard work and perseverance.
Below, the president of the college gives an opening ceremony speech.
This is Clint receiving his award.

After the ceremony, we celebrated at Olive Garden.

The week is ending on a much calmer note than it began. The weather today was absolutely beautiful! Throughout everything that this week brought into our lives, we learned more fully to place our trust in God and to know that He is in control.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


Pam said...

Congrats to Clint on his award and happy belated birthday.
I saw Ellen C. at McKay last night and she said Clint had been admitted to Georgia Tech. So congrats for that too!
(We were talking about getting homeschooled kids into college.)
I hope your mom is feeling much better. Is she home and doing well now?
That storm earlier this week was something else. We had hail the size of half dollars at our house, but no wind damage. Thank goodness!

laundrydaze said...

Congratulations Clint! That boy is such a "smarty pants". He has been blessed with a wonderful teacher (that's you Kim). Don't you just love celebrating at Olive Garden? Yummy!
So glad your week ended on a much calmer note.