Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What a wonderful weekend! Last Friday night, our family met up with my cousin and her family and my brother and his family for dinner. We ate at Red Robin in Chattanooga and had a wonderful time together. In the picture above is my cousin and the back of her hubby ( sorry Jeff!). You can visit her over at Be As You Are.
This is my brother and his wife. We really enjoyed our time visiting.

This picture is blurred, but I liked the way everyone looked in deep conversation . The night was so much fun! We are planning on getting together again in May. I just think you have to be intentional about staying in touch with family and friends. It seems there is so much out there to crowd out these very important relationships. Some of those things are even very good endeavors, but when it all comes down to it, family is special! I want my boys to know their extended family members. I grew up going to family get togethers all the time and I absolutely loved it! The bond created and the memories made are priceless. Sure, we disagree at times, and even just get on each other's nerves at times;however, when we need that extra dose of love and care, family (immediate and extended) is that thread that keeps us together.
What made the weekend extra special was the fact that we got to eat with family members on Friday night and then on Saturday night also!! Mike's mother called and we ended up eating with her and Mike's sister and her family. What a wonderful weekend!
Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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Weber said...

How fun! I love getting together with family although we have to go to Illinois to do it! we make it up several times a year though.
Red Robin's....YUM. :-) My boys like that place too.