Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Look Inward

This is all of the family members that went on vacation together. What a wonderful time we had. Just solidifying that relationship was great! The rest and relaxation that comes with going away was cherished. I look forward to spending more time with family.

Since we have been back, I have put together a list of some projects that need attending to around the house. The first one will be painting our master bedroom and bathroom. Mike's aunt gave us a gorgeous bedspread set with curtains and all. I want to take one of the pillows and match the paint. I think a taupe will work well. I will post pictures of "before" and "after". I really would like to make our bedroom a sort of retreat. Of course we all gather in there at night for read alouds, so a "family retreat" would be in order!

Mike and I also really want to get in better physical shape. I am not talking about just "getting skinny" here. We want to be healthy. We just do not get enough physical exercise. We have started walking in the mornings before Mike heads out to work, which is great. That really gets us going for the day! We both need to lose weight and firm up, so we have a few plans to start doing that. When we were dating and first married we would work out together. So hopefully we will be able to do that now. Our plan is to get the WII fit so that the whole family can have fun getting fit together. We also are taking the 100 push-up, 200 sit-up challenge. This will be a six week challenge to help us on our fitness adventure. I am really excited about this as I believe we will feel more energetic once we get started.

Also on vacation we played board games almost every night. It was a blast! Our family used to do this more at home, but we just got out of the habit ( too tired, etc...). So we are going to bring that back for a once a week family board game night. I hope to "theme" the snacks ( I know, I know, I was just talking about getting in better shape, but this is a different paragraph!) such as Mexican night, different flavored popcorn night, etc... I'll keep you posted!!

Lastly, we also really got into our reading last week. Since we have been back, we have been keeping that up. Right now I am reading "Captivating, by John & Stasi Eldredge". I am really enjoying this book. There are some parts I have to re-read to fully grasp the meaning, but this is making me do some inward thinking of how I view myself. Very interesting read!

I wish everyone a super Thursday! Tomorrow I get to go retrieve my middle son at Bible camp! I have missed him greatly even though I know he is fully enjoying himself. Take Care!


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Sue said...

I love John and Stasi Eldredge too! There books are wonderful!
Your vacation sounds just great. I am hoping for one soon.
The wii fit is a big hit with a lot of people. I should get one. I have been riding my bike lately to help strengthen my legs! Fun!
You enjoy the rest of your week and have fun painting your bedroom. I love to paint and usually repaint the whole house every two or three years. It's fun changing colors!