Monday, June 29, 2009

Week in Review and Upcoming Activities

Last week, my middle son went to Bible Camp at Fall Creek Falls State Park. This park in located near Crossville, Tennessee. It is an absolutely beautiful park! Today I want to share a few pictures of the youth camp, then tomorrow I will share some park pictures. This is the building where worship services are held and where morning assembly takes place. They have a service each night of camp. The speakers are some of the counselors. They have a theme for each year. This year the theme was the book of James. Here is a picture of some of the campers and counselors just "hanging out". My son goes senior week ( ages 13-18). I get tickled when he tells me that some of the campers just sit and talk all the time. He said, " Why would you come to camp just to sit and talk?" They have crafts, field games, swimming, volleyball, ping-pong and lots of other activities as well. They also do daily hikes out in the park area.
The volleyball area. Lots of good times happen here!!

One other activity that I forgot to mention was fishing. Here is my husband getting my son's fishing gear in order.

This was his "home away from home" last week. This camp is a very rustic camp. The cabins are very minimal, but my son just loves it! He has been going since he was ten. When he turns eighteen, he wants to be a counselor. I love the spiritual growth that I see in him after he returns from camp. It's funny, I went to this same camp when I was young and I just loved it! You are away from so much there. The campers are not allowed to bring cell phones, ipods, video games, etc... It is almost like a sigh of relief for these campers. They can relax, study God's word in his beautiful creation, and get to meet up with friends. Oh, an added bonus is that the food is awesome! They get three wonderful meals in addition to snacks. These ladies that cook for them are just wonderful. While you eat, most of the time you can watch the deer behind the dining hall. What a relaxing way to dine!
I hope you enjoyed this view of camp at Fall Creek Falls. Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the park. Have a super Monday!

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