Monday, June 1, 2009

Week in Review and Upcoming Activities

Last week, our first official week of summer break, was a big week. We got quite alot accomplished, which was nice. I really think writing down our summer goals was a good thing to do. It focuses us a little more on what we want to accomplish this summer. Today, I just want to highlight a little of what our week entailed and what we hope to accomplish this week. We listed our eight kittens on our homeschool website. Our little stray had five kittens, but we also found three kittens on our property that belong to another cat. We have already found homes for three of the kittens. A sweet friend, who has three children, took three of the kittens. They will have such a good home with this family.

Last week, we also observed the flags that are put up for Memorial Day. They have crosses with names on them of service men and women. It was such a beautiful sight and a reminder to thank all those who give so much for our country.

Our homeschool support group had their annual book sale last week. We had a table in it. This is a picture of the crowd. Several people came out for the sale. We were happy with our sales. We are trying to put back some money for the supplies we will need for the upcoming school year and also for vacation. The boys set up our table and manned it the whole time. I was very proud of how they conducted business. They took the table down when it was over and loaded everything up. I basically got to visit with friends. What a nice day!
Last week we also got alot of organizing and cleaning done. I started on paperwork that needed attending to. We finished getting my oldest son's shot record and TB screening for college. I am glad to have that taken care of.
It was a great week and I feel good about what we got done. I hope to get alot more done this week. I start jury duty today, so we will see how that impacts our progress. It should be interesting!
This week:
Monday-Jury duty, laundry, clean things out for yard sale on Friday.
Tuesday-Jury duty(?), garden work, tennis with the boys in the evening
Wednesday-Jury duty (?), Zoo & Picnic, Church
Thursday-Jury duty (?), get everything prepared for yard sale
Friday-Jury duty(?),yard sale, movie & pizza night
Saturday-Middle son's SAT II test in Biology, Family Reunion
Have a wonderful Monday!


Sue said...

I'm glad you are able to find good homes for the kittens. How cute!
Your home school book sale looks like it did turn out well. I remember those! How precious.
I just loved the flags and yes, it is such a reminder to give thanks for all who make sacrifices for our country and to keep us free!
Thank you so much for sharing such a thoughtful post!

P.S. Good luck with jury duty:/

Pam said...

Those kittens are so cute! The kids are upset because Peeve has been missing since Saturday evening. We have been searching for him, but no luck yet!
I had a good time at the used book sale just getting to visit with friends! What fun! Adult Conversation!
Good luck with the jury duty. : (

And don't forget to enter my ecostore contest!