Saturday, June 6, 2009

Week in Review and Upcoming Activities

This has been a great week! I feel like we have gotten so much accomplished. For our week in review, I will start with today. We finished up our yard sale this morning, then headed to a family reunion. We got to catch up with family members that we don't see often. The food at family reunions is always amazing! I made a new cake called Pineapple Breeze Cake. I got the recipe for Pineapple Breeze Cake from Huckleberry Prairie and it turned out very nice. I will share her recipe this coming week. The boys were able to get some swimming in at the reunion. The weather was absolutely beautiful.
This week we also had a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. We got some much needed decluttering done and made some money in the process. This coming week we are going to donate the items that did not sale. It feels good to be getting some organizing in motion!

One of the biggies this past week was my middle son getting his learner's permit. He was very excited that he passed the test. There was certainly a crowd there that day!

My oldest had his final piano recital this past week. His piano teacher recognized her seniors during this recital. It was such a lovely time. All the students do so well to play in front of a crowd. I was very proud of all of them. I will miss his piano teacher. She is a wonderful teacher. She challenges the students to achieve a higher level, but she is always doing everything she can to help them. Best wishes to all the seniors!

This was a great week with lots of activity. We are moving forward on our summer goals, tweaking a little here and there.
This coming week we will be preparing for our vacation. We will need to clean the house, get needed vacation items, make arrangements for our pets, and finally pack! I will be sharing a schedule for the week on Monday!
I hope everyone has had a great week and I also hope everyone is getting their summer goals accomplished. Have a wonderful Lord's Day. Enjoy your families!

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Sue said...

Wow! That does sound like you accomplished much! Isn't that always such a good feeling?
Family reunions are sweet. Though we can't always make it to ours, it's so nice to catch up on the things that have happened in each of our lives over the past year or so!
Enjoy the happenings of the coming week!