Friday, July 24, 2009

Jane Austen Book Club

Yesterday our Jane Austen Book Club met to discuss Sense and Sensibility.
We had such a great time together! Our hostess, as always, did a fabulous job of making us all feel welcome. We had tea and cookies and wonderful discussion. I draw so much more insight on the books from meeting with these ladies. Everyone adds really wonderful questions and also adds great comments. After discussion of the book we just enjoyed each others company. We caught up with what everyone has been doing all summer and we also made our plans for the rest of the year with our book club.
Our next book will be Pride and Prejudice, which I am very much looking forward to delving into. We have a great harvest tea and Christmas tea planned. Hopefully, our Christmas tea will include a "special" speaker from a local college.

The afternoon was uplifting and very encouraging. I'm off now to our local curriculum fair to finish up buying our school supplies. My middle son and I also are working the yearbook booth for a couple of hours. That should be fun! I always get to visit with some friends that I don't get to see often.

Tonight is our pizza and movie night. I need to get the dough going before I leave for the curriculum fair. I'm not sure yet what our movie will be for tonight. Humm.... oh, maybe I will see a good one at the fair to add to our collection. That might work!!

I wish everyone a wonderful Friday. Also, a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments I have received about my oldest going away to college next month. You all are a wonderful support. Thanks a bunch!!


Sue said...

I just love Jane Austen's books! What a great time you must have meeting with your fellow readers. What a great idea!

Enjoy your weekend!

Pam said...

I really wanted to go to the curriculum fair, but w/o a vehicle it's a no- go!
I'm glad you are having a wonderful time with your book club.