Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Thanks to Susan, at for hosting this weekly event. I enjoy looking at all the Outdoor Wednesday posts. Today, I wanted to share a mix of outdoor pictures. These are from various outings that our family has taken. I hope you enjoy them! This first picture is at "Sloppy Floyd" state park. It is located in Summerville, Georgia. It is a beautiful park where you can fish, canoe, hike, picnic, play on the playground, and just enjoy nature.
Last week I posted some pictures of the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Military Park. This is the tower in the park, which you can go inside and climb to the top. At the top, you can see the most amazing view. I can see why this was a lookout tower. It is also great for exercise!

Back to Sloppy Floyd, my husband and two of my boys canoeing on the lake.

Everyone gearing up for the canoe!

A view of the lake at Sloppy Floyd. It is so relaxing just to sit and read or fish by this lake. Just beautiful!

Moving to the ocean now! This is in Jekyll Island, Georgia. The boys enjoying a day in the ocean.

Sunset at Jekyll Island.

Now we are on to Disney World. This is the boat that took us to the Magic Kingdom from the campgrounds. Our family loves Fort Wilderness. We have camped there several times ( tent camping ) and loved it. There is so much to do in the campground. They show a movie every night with hot chocolate and marshmallow roasts. There is a great buffet to eat at. We usually tried to eat lunch there at least once during our stay.

This is the church that sits across from the Grand Floridian. Alot of marriages take place there. We camped at Fort Wilderness one December and one day we took the monorail and went to see the gingerbread houses at the other hotels. The Grand Floridian had a life size gingerbread house. It was wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed my random adventure pictures this Outdoor Wednesday. Be sure to check out the other posts, as they are always great!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful place for a family adventure. Canoeing looks like great fun!

Thanks for sharing~
Debbykay @ Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

Anonymous said...

Great photos! I guess we had better get all the water pictures in we can, especially up north here. In a couple of months, it will be cold and the water might be ice. I guess in Georgia, that isn't going to happen though.

Sue said...

Those are some great photos, once again! Looks like everyone is having fun!

Pam said...

The kids love to go to Sloppy Floyd. However, A. broke his radius and ulna yesterday, so any trips we had planned are being postponed.

Regina said...

Wonderful outdoor with the family! Great post.

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

This is one handsome family.

Thanks for sharing the love.

Stop by if you get a minute -- would love to have you.

TTFN~~~Claudia ♥ ♥

Mary said...

I did, indeed, enjoy your adventure pictures. They are perfect for Outdoor Wednesday and have captured a lot of memories for later years. I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Great family photos! It looks as if you and your family have wonderful adventures together. Is that park really called "sloppy floyd?"


Joyce said...

You have put on some fun mileage on your car with your family traveling to some fun places. Thanks for sharing your trips with me. Oh an the gingerbread house is amazing:)