Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer 2009

As we are getting close to closing the books on the summer of 2009, I wanted to highlight a few of the memories that our family has made. First, of course, is the youth camping trip that two of my sons attended. What a great fellowship they had! Our picnic in Atlanta on a Sunday afternoon. We were visiting a church in the area and stopped at a nice park for lunch.
Our visit to the Chattanooga Zoo. We enjoyed seeing all the improvements the zoo had made.

Attending my oldest son's college orientation in July was an exciting event for us.

Our annual church 4th of July BBQ with fireworks. We all played volleyball and enjoyed wonderful food, fun, and fellowship!

Going to see the Medieval Times show in Atlanta was a highlight!

My oldest son got his driver's license. He had been driving with us for awhile, but waited until he was 18 to get his driver's license.

Our family vacation in July was absolutely awesome! We had 24 of my husband's relatives attend this beach vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida. We had so much fun! Can't wait for the next one!

My middle son got his learner's license this summer! Lots of driver's in our house now!

Our summer began with new kittens being born to our little "stray". A few weeks after she had her kittens, we actually found three more kittens that were not hers on our property. We ended up with 8 kittens. We found homes for 5 of the kittens. We still have 3 kittens, which we will probably just keep for ourselves ( they are just so cute!!).

This summer has been one of milestones, fun, and lots of memories being made. I look forward to autumn and the exciting events that will take place during that season.
I wish everyone a super Tuesday!


Pam said...

You made lots of memories this summer. I am glad that only one of my children is driving right now. Not sure if I could handle two.

Sue said...

What wonderful times you have had this summer. Isn't it wonderful to have these precious memories?! Are you set on a church for your son for sure?