Saturday, March 7, 2009

Friday was a big day of wrapping up some school, running errands, and getting ready for our day trip on Saturday. I thought I would share some pictures of some of our errands. The boys really like GameStop. They wanted to stop in and sell some games and buy a new one. So, we stopped in here for some selling and buying!
Next we headed to Chattanooga to buy some groceries at Sam's and also to stop in at Dicehead Games. The boys like to participate in wargaming activities. At first, I was not sure of what wargaming was and I was a little more than skeptical. But, they attended a summer camp at a local private school and I watched what all they did. It is awesome for strategic thinking. They learn historic wars and also do some fantasy wars ( Lord of the Rings, etc..). I have been impressed at how much research they do on their own for this. The figures they buy for this, they also paint themselves. This takes time and patience. I have learned alot and they have too!

After our Sam's stop we headed home for a dinner of Nachos, salad, and fruit. It was a full, but productive day. We finished our study of WWII and the FDR era. This has been an exciting study. We read books, watched movies, and to wrap it all up we visited Warm Springs, Georgia on Saturday. I will be sharing pictures on that "field trip" later. It was a blast. A wonderful ending to an exciting study.

Thanks for sharing in our day!


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laundrydaze said...

You are doing great with your daily photos. What were your boys doing while you took the Sam's photo? Mine would have been begging for me to put the camera away. They are tiring of the camera. One day they will thank us.
Why did you not have dinner AT Sam's? Good thing you didn't go with us :)