Monday, March 9, 2009

We had so much fun Saturday on our day trip. In History we finished WWII, The Depression, and FDR, so we headed to Warm Springs, Georgia to see first hand some of what we had studied. It was a beautiful day in the mountains and the drive was very relaxing.

This is a picture of the building where the pool is located. This pool was heated to a temperature that would help make it easier for FDR and the patients to move around.

The picture above is of The Little White House. This is where he died while having his portrait painted. On the back deck they had an FDR reenactor who did a fabulous job! It was so interesting to see the rooms and the furniture.

This is a car that was given to him. Mainly his staff and secret service drove this car.

The servants quarters were nicely done. Beside the servants quarters was the guest house.

The boys and myself in front of the entrance to the museum. They have a wonderful museum where you can see the items he used and also items that were given to him as gifts. There is also a short film about his time here. One thing that was interesting, was a replica of a kitchen during this time. Also, there is a display of all the canes that were sent to FDR as gifts. The details in these canes are amazing!
After touring the property, we headed through the town which had the neatest little shops. We also saw The Bulloch House, a popular place to eat. We didn't have the time to stop there, as they were very crowded, but it looked like a great place to investigate next time.
After driving over to Callaway Gardens for a bit, we headed home. What a glorious day spent in the Pine Mountains of Georgia. Thanks for looking at my pictures. I wish you a wonderful week!

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Pam said...

We visited here years ago and really enjoyed it.
We have been studying various wars in history this year. I have learned all kinds of useless trivia that could probably help me on Jeopardy. lol