Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Photobucket I am participating in Outdoor Wednesday, hosted by A Southern Daydreamer. I love spending time outdoors. You just feel "alive" after spending time outdoors in the beauty of God's creation. I cannot wait to see the other posts on Outdoor Wednesday. Just check in with to read those posts. Please bear with me as I learn how to do this. I am definitely not a computer whiz, but this blog is helping me to learn more each day. I hope you enjoy the photos.

The first photo is of a Horseshoe Crab that had washed up on shore at Jekyll Island, Georgia. We were there the first of September and actually saw a few of these Horseshoe Crabs.

This next photo is of a crab hiding in his hole in the sand. It was fun watching how fast they go from one place to the next.

This last photo is of sunrise on Jekyll Island. What a beautiful and peaceful time!

I hope you enjoyed these outdoor photos!


Cass said...

Lovely photos! Horseshoe crabs are so fascinating-- remnants of the dinosaur age.

Susan said...

Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Kim! Love the pictures from Jekyll of our family's favorite places to visit! We don't go as often as we used to...but lots of memories from there! Thanks for sharing your photos.


sunnymama said...

What a beautiful sunrise!

JudyBug said...

Love the sunrise pic!


Pam said...

I love Jekyll Island! We used to travel there twice a year. The horseshoe crabs are always fascinating.
Did you see any dolphins? We were there one October and the kids got to pet and feed them with one of the people from the nature center.
When we were there the next spring a sign had been posted saying don't feed them!

sunnymama said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. These are great photos. The crab pictures are fascinating and the sunrise is stunning.