Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What's been going on?

It has been so long since I have posted an entry to my blog. I have missed it, but I just couldn't decide which direction I wanted this blog to take. I started this blog to journal our family's daily activities. I want to keep it that way. I absolutely love everything about being a wife and mother. Now, that is not to say that everyday is just super smooth, but I love being a keeper of my home and of my family. I love our homeschooling lifestyle. We are learning so much together and having a great time along the way. So, I feel re-energized to just go blogging crazy!! Today was a cold day here in Georgia. We have been feeling a little tired lately, so we took school at our own pace today. We snuggled in quilts to read and discuss history. We are using Sonlight to study American History. We love to read, so this curriculum suits us well. After reading, it seemed like a great time to pop popcorn and enjoy some hot chocolate. We have been on this fad lately about putting flavored creamer in our hot chocolate. We had never done this until a couple of months ago. Boy, have we been missing out! Now I see why all my fellow couponers were so glad to see the Coffeemate coupons.
Last night was my son's Civil Air Patrol banquet. It was a nice event with some great food. It was potluck, which I love. I enjoyed getting to learn some more about CAP.

My son enjoyed getting to visit with friends, and I enjoyed getting to visit with friends also!!

The cadets looked very professional in their uniforms. They also conducted themselves in a very professional way. Very refreshing....
I am off now to read.


Sue said...

So glad to see you back on here! Sounds like you are enjoying your homeschooling year and I am so happy for you. I liked the Sonlight curriculum.

Though my kiddos are grown, I too enjoy being a keeper of our home.

Wishing you a very blessed weekend with the ones you love!!

Tonia Sherrill said...

The flavored creamer in hot chocolate is a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Shirley... said...

I started blogging for the same reason. I just really want to write down all that we do, share, and feel so my kids will have it to look back on.

My favorite blogs to read are the ones that just share their real, daily loves. ;)

Thanks for sharing yours!