Monday, February 15, 2010

Mondays Musings, Challenge Update

Lately, we have had some fun playing board games. Most recently we have been enjoying Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit. I absolutely love board games. I think they bring the family together to talk and share memories. Also, the games we play on the WII are fun. These are also great to get us physically active as a family!I don't know what is happening here in the South, but we sure are enjoying it!! Once again on Friday, we got the white stuff!! The snow has been so beautiful!! The boys had some good friends over to spend the night. I watched the Olympics. It was a great evening!
Sunday we went to Atlanta to go to church with my oldest son. We went out to eat afterwards using a certificate that I bought at I bought a $25.00 certificate. They normally sell for $10.00, but they were 80% off, so it was only $2.00!!! I just gave it to the server before we ordered and everything went great. Our family of 5 ( all adult eaters!!! ) ate, now this is including the 18% gratuity, for $27.00. Not too bad! I will definitely use these when we choose to eat out.

Our weekend and week's beginning was great. Good friends, lovely snow, worship and eating with my son===Wonderful!!
UPDATE ON CHALLENGE: The challenge I posted about, going on at Organizing Junkie, is going well. I did get the room cleaned and have been taking out what no longer belongs in there. This week I plan to put the items that will go in the room in their proper place, buy some files for my desk and get those organized, put a rug in the room, and finish organizing the bookshelves in the room. We are getting close to the finish date, so I better put high priority on this! I really want to have it all finished by the end date. I will say that in participating in this challenge, I am now pumped to tackle those other "undone" projects. This has helped me to put a plan in place and move forward, which I think has been the hardest part for me. Onward with organizing!!!
Have a super week!


Sue said...

Board games are great for the winter months! We love them as well.

Are you enjoying all the snow you guys have been getting. I saw last week that every state except Hawaii had snow in it.

Enjoy your week !!

Pam said...

I am getting a little tired of the snow, aren't you? I never know when Brittany will pop in during the day saying, It looked like snow/dropped a few flakes/or something and they closed school early.