Monday, February 8, 2010

Organizing Challenge

This is the first update on my endeavors in the February challenge going on over at . I have been able to go through quite a bit of stuff from the room. I have thrown things out that needed to go and I have sorted some papers that need filing. The room is starting to shape up to the point that I can now go in and clean the floors and walls.
My plan this week is to mop the floors, wipe down the walls, clean the windows, and clean the bookshelves. Our basement area flooded recently and we took out the carpet in this room. We painted the floor and I hope to put an area rug down. We have got to dig up around the perimeter of the house and put in a drain, so until that is done I will not be putting more carpet down. A rug might work better anyway because we use this room for school and I hope to make a craft area.
I also plan to put up my curtains and arrange any furniture that will be staying. I will plan to go through the bookshelves to see what stays and what goes. I REALLY need to de-clutter this area. It is hard for me to be productive in this room when it has so much clutter in it. I see this as my biggest challenge this week. I have a hard time knowing what to send on its way and what to keep. I may have to call my husband in on this. He is wonderful at tossing what needs to go. The only thing is, I might not can watch when he does it:)
I have found so much inspiration in reading everyone's plans for the areas they are organizing. This is such a great way to accomplish a task that has been looming for a while. It will be awesome to see all the "after" pictures!
Have fun organizing!

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