Friday, February 6, 2009

I love Friday's! We can start our day around here a little slower on Fridays. Usually we finish up the week's school, tests, and writing papers. I also like to play some board games that enhance what we do through the week. Such as math games, grammar games, chess, etc... Then to top it off we usually watch a movie that goes along with our history studies. Right now we are doing a study of World War II. Along with that, we are watching some 20th Century Movies by the decade. It is just nice that we can do that at a little slower pace today. Today is grocery day though, so we will have to put that in later in the day.

We have really been trying to put an emphasis on our Friday Family Nights. So far, things have gone well. The boys seem to be really enjoying this time. Before, we did movie night with pizza, but that would sometimes get pushed aside for something else. We all decided that we really want to protect our Friday Family Nights. Tonight we will go eat in downtown Chattanooga ( love those coupons!!). I hope we will be able to walk around some and enjoy the sights. Then we will come home for dessert. We might have to cut it a little early tonight because Chase has an early morning on Saturday. He is on a Mathcounts team and the competition is tomorrow morning. But, I think it will be a wonderful evening!

One thing I need to do this weekend, is get a housecleaning schedule in order. Mine has kind of gone crazy and rooms are getting cleaned just "whenever". I don't like that. I do much better with an organized cleaning routine, so I really need to pray over that and get to it! Oh, I also need to get the boys Valentine's Day gift bag together. I might go in the candy store by the Tennessee Aquarium and get something different!!! I also like to put a Barnes & Noble gift card in their bag.

I am not sure what to do for my hubby. He is trying to lose weight, so I don't think candy would be a good option. Hum......maybe a nice backrub and watching one of his crazy movies together????? Cheap and low-cal, I think it is a winner!!

I posted some pictures today of the boys eating at Rembrandt's. I love this little eatery in the art district of Chattanooga. My youngest son had to be at UTC Thursday afternoon, so we went a little early and grabbed a snack at Rembrandt's. All the seats indoors were taken, so we braved the cold and sat outside. Now you know I have got to love it to do that!!

Have a great Friday!


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