Friday, February 27, 2009

This has been a big day. I woke up around 4:00 this morning with a terrible headache. I took something for it and went back to bed until hubby had to get up. Sometimes, it can be really hard to start the day that way, but all ended well. We did our schoolwork, ate lunch, then headed to my oldest son's music performance. Today was Junior Music Festival. I really enjoy listening to all the students perform. My husband met us there, so he took my oldest son to pick up his glasses after that. My oldest son has always had great eye exams until now. He has trouble with his left eye seeing things at a distance. So, anyway, he picked a great pair of glasses and is on his way to better vision! Well, on my way home, the car started acting up. It is an older car, but I really need it to keep on going for a few years! So, after dinner, hubby and I go buy a new belt in hopes that will fix the problem. We will see tomorrow. We normally have movie night on Friday night, but we decided to move it to Saturday night instead. It was a great day, all in all. I am happy to be home with my family enjoying our evening together!

Have a wonderful Friday evening!


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