Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yesterday was a big day for us. My middle and youngest sons were pages for our state Senator. This was the first time they paged for the Senate. They have paged in the House before and enjoyed it. This is such a great learning experience. I have always enjoyed watching the session from the gallery. One year we were able to meet some of the judges and learn a little about their job. We also have talked with one of the lobbyist about their job. It has been interesting to actually hear first hand what these people do. Anyway, the boys had a good day and earned some money too! (Pages are paid $10.00) We did not make it to church last night. I have not felt too good lately, so I went to bed early. I think that was what I needed, because I feel alot better today. I am hoping the temps rise a little today. I would love a big snow, but I am getting a little tired of the cold. I think my mind is gearing towards the garden and outdoors. Last year we had great tomatoes and peppers, but our strawberries didn't fair too well. I don't think we will do those again this year. I love looking at the catalogue to see what we will put in this year. I also want to put in a rose garden. My husband used to grow roses when we first married. Maybe I can revive that interest in him again!!!


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Anonymous said...

Look at those handsome boys of yours. Sounds like they had a great day.
Hope you get to feeling better. This weather is getting old and I'm ready for Spring. As for the roses, tell Mike that roses in the garden are much cheaper than buying them from the florist :)