Thursday, May 7, 2009

School Activities

This has really been a busy time! My youngest son finished his standardized testing, my oldest finished his finals on his dual-enrollment classes, and my middle will have his finals on his two outside classes next week. Boy, we are about tested out! But, all is well, even though I haven't had much time to blog.
This is Chase on the first day of testing. We have a certified tester in our homeschool support group. Those who are testing meet at one of the local churches. This is the boys at the end of testing week. We thought a celebratory lunch was in order.
We had a great lunch and then went home for some "down time". When my middle finishes his outside classes next week, my plan is for us to go on some of the field trips that we just haven't had time for. We will be winding things down for some much needed rest and recreation ( okay, the boys might not call cleaning the house recreation) !

Friday is homeschool day at Six Flags Over Georgia in Atlanta. We have been watching the weather closely. We usually go to this as an end of the year field trip, but I am not sure this year. It is a great day to go. The park is not open to the public that day. With your ticket purchase you can get a return ticket and a meal ticket. It's a fun family day. But, if it is raining heavily we will just stay put and go later in the month.

Have a wonderful Thursday!


Sue said...

Awww! You must be so proud of your boys with their testing and such. These are sweet, sweet times for you. I miss them so much as mine are all grown now, but I still have the memories!
I hope your time at six flags will be great fun!
Blessings to you and Happy Mother's Day!

Pam said...

The weather sure hasn't been good for field trips lately. I hope you are able to make the six flags trip and have a great time.
Today is our last day of school. (Yea!) We are planning on spending the rest of the month on field trips.