Friday, May 22, 2009

The Week in Review

Today we are celebrating the last day of school! We are all excited as we make our summer plans for cookouts, swimming, trips, and movie nights. Each of us is making a list of summer plans and goals to help us stay focused. I don't want us to look back at the end of summer and say "Oh, I wish we had done this or I wish we had visited so and so." Also, while I do want the boys to have some much needed relaxation time, I don't want "wasted days" of video games and computer games. So, in an effort to mix the relaxation with productiveness, we will have a "loose" plan. I am excited about this, as I think this will allow us to combine some fun with hands on learning. I hope each Saturday to share our game plan for the upcoming week. This week seems to have been the week of animals. The bird in the picture above was one that we rescued from the walking track. He was squawking very loudly by the side of the track. We looked for his nest and could not find one. We also waited to see if momma bird would come back. We never saw her. The little guy could not fly and seemed so hungry, so we took him home. We dug up some worms to feed him. We also gave him some water through a dropper. My middle son made him a nice warm "nest" and gave him the name of "Frodo." Frodo did very well for two days, but then started looking very weak. We took Frodo outside for some sunshine, but to no avail. Yesterday Frodo passed on. It was sad because he seemed to be doing very well. We gave Frodo an appropriate burial in the back yard with some sadness. We had decided, before Frodo's passing, that we were going to take him to the local zoo for rehabilitation. We did all agree that we were glad we had brought him home, since he just seemed to be so alone at the track.
Tiger, our indoor cat, has already started his "lazy days" of summer. All this week he has just snoozed on the windowsill.

Honey, our outdoor stray that we took in, had a liter of five kittens four weeks ago. We have the kittens in the garage. I have loved seeing how she mothers her kittens. They were outside, where she gave birth to them, but last week she started bringing them to the front door. I think she just didn't like them being outside at that point. She kept trying to put them under the couch, but we came to a compromise in the garage. She stays outside for the most part. We let her in to nurse the kittens, but she prefers the outdoors. In a couple of weeks we will be taking her to be spayed. That should be an interesting trip!
We have a black lab that stays in the back yard. We have had him almost 11 years. I just love him! He doesn't get around as much now as he used too, but he always comes to the fence to greet us when we get home or when we are leaving. When we are in the back, he always is right by our sides. He doesn't play fetch like he once did, but he does love for us to be out there with him.
I hope everyone has had a good week and I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!

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Sue said...

Enjoyed the pictures of your animals. Sorry to hear about Frodo. That's sad.
I am passing along Memorial Day blessings to you and your family.